Your Settings Tab

The Settings tab in Xola is available only to users with Administrator access. Before going live with your Xola account you'll want to verify all settings are configured as they should be.


  • Primary Account Email
    This is the main email address associated with your Xola account. This email is a unique identifier that Xola uses to keep track of your account and (if applicable) your payouts in Stripe.
  • Communication Email
    This is the email address your customers will see as the Reply To address upon receiving an email sent from Xola (like a confirmation email, reminder email, etc).
  • Change Password
    Change the Primary Account Email password used to log into your Xola account.

For example, your Primary Account email may be and your Communication email may be If customers reply to the confirmation email with a question, their message will be sent to

Button Code

When we talk about buttons in Xola, we're talking about three things:

  1. The Book Now button you see on your site, composed of HTML, CSS, and Javascript code.
  2. The Gift button you see on your site.
  3. The checkout window that appears in an IFrame when the button(s) are clicked.

For more on buttons, please visit Button Installation or Create a Gift Button

Basic Info

  • Profile Picture
    This image is internal and only visible within Xola.
  • Logo
    This is the image that will appear at the top of emails sent to your customers through Xola. The size of the image uploaded will not be adjusted when it is used, so try to use an image size that would fit well at the top of email communication. 
  • Company Name
  • Credit Card Statement Descriptor
    Be sure to make this something that your customers will recognize!
  • Phone Number
  • Website URL
  • Address City


To integrate your Xola account with any one of our distribution partners, please email or talk to your Launch Manager.

Grant Access

A Xola user's access level limits their access to certain tabs as well as certain abilities, like refunds.
Please see Grant Access Levels for an in-depth breakdown of each level.


Any user who logs into this Xola account will see this language displayed. This is also the default language that your customers will see when making bookings through your Xola account.


Here you can configure notification preferences for emails (and SMS) that are sent to you, your customers, and your guides.

Payment Details

  • Legal Entity information includes your Social Security Number or EIN.
  • Bank Account information tells Xola into which account to deposit the credit card payments that you accept. Validation Rules allows you to set which kind of credit card payments you accept.
  • Custom Payment Methods allow you to add special payment types (PayPal, wire transfer) for common payments you may accept outside of Xola.


  • Auto Check-in
    Select this and customers who book within a specified interval of time before your listing begins will be automatically marked as "checked-in".
  • Post Booking Action Preference
    When making a booking in the back office of Xola, you are able to choose what action you would like to take following the booking's completion.
  • Email Required
    Select this and both reservationists and customers will be required to enter in an email address when making a booking.
  • Auto Accept
    All listings default to Manual Accept. Select Auto Accept and online bookings will be automatically confirmed (pending your availability) and accepted.

Social Media

All social links are included in the confirmation and reminder emails that your customers receive.

Taxes & Fees

Taxes and fees are set here and then applied to whichever listings you specify. 

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