Xola Settings Tab

The Settings tab in Xola is available only to users with Administrator access. Before going live with your Xola account, you'll want to verify all settings are configured as they should be.

What's covered in this article:


This is where you can edit or change your Primary and Communication email and password. 

  • Primary Account Email
    This is the main email address associated with your Xola account. This email is a unique identifier that Xola uses to keep track of your account and (if applicable) your payouts in Stripe.
  • Communication Email
    This is the email address your customers will see as the Reply-To address upon receiving an email sent from Xola (like a confirmation email, reminder email, etc).
    • For example, your Primary Account email may be alice@popspotsnyc.com, and your Communication email may be info@popspotsnyc.com. If customers reply to the confirmation email with a question, their message will be sent to info@popspotsnyc.com
  • Change Password
    Change the password used to log into your Xola account. 
    • Note: If you change the password to your Xola account, Xola will automatically log everyone out and reset your API key.
    • API Key is used for developers who build custom integrations with Xola. Please contact your developer if you have any questions. 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
    Secure your account by adding your phone number and requiring a confirmation code for sensitive account updates. The code is sent via SMS and will be prompted if the following changes are attempted:
    • Account password updates

    • Account primary email updates

    • Bank account updates

    • When trying to disable MFA after it has been configured

    • When trying to change the phone number after it has been configured

Note: Multi Factor Authentication is currently available for Primary and Admin User permission levels.

Basic Info

  • Profile Picture
    • This image is internal and only visible within Xola.
  • Logo
    • The logo that you use is highly visible to your customers. Your logo will be visible to your customers in many of the emails they receive and it is highly recommended you use a high-quality logo that is representative of your brand. 
    • Note: The size of the image uploaded will not be adjusted when it is used, so try to use an image size that would fit well at the top of email communication. 
  • Company Name
    • Will show in your communications to your customers, like the confirmation, reminder, review, etc. 
  • Credit Card Statement Descriptor
    • Be sure to make this something that your customers will recognize!
    • What will show up on your customer's credit card statement will depend greatly on their bank account. In most cases, a bank will have three fields:

      • Company Name =Your companies CC Statement Descriptor in Xola
      • Description = The name of Listing in Xola
      • Amount = Price paid on transaction
  • Phone Number
  • Website URL
  • Address and City

Button Code

When we talk about buttons in Xola, we're talking about three things:

  1. The Book Now button you see on your site, composed of HTML, CSS, and Javascript code.
  2. The Gift button you see on your site.
  3. The checkout window appears in an IFrame when the button(s) are clicked.

For more on buttons, please visit Button Installation 

Grant Access

A Xola user's access level limits their access to certain tabs as well as certain abilities, like refunds.
Please see Grant Access Levels for an in-depth breakdown of each level.

  1. To add a Grant Access user select the green “+Add User” in the upper-right hand corner.
  2. In the modal popup that appears, type in Name and Email (phone number and nickname optional) and click Save. 
  3. After you’ve filled out the fields you’ll then need to select Save. The user will receive an email to verify their email. Until they verify, they will not be able to log in and will remain Pending in Xola.
  4. After you select Save, you’ll be prompted to assign the permission level of the user.




Transfer Ownership in Xola

If you already a have Grant Access user, who you would like to change as your Primary Email on your Xola account, you can easily do this by logging in as the Primary Email, going to Settings>Grant Access> Find the user> Click on the red Make Owner button. 

Note: If the primary email is changed it will require confirmation of the change. 


  • Account Language: Any user who logs into this Xola account will see the language chosen in this tab displayed.
  • My Language: The Languages you would like your Xola account to be displayed in. 


Here you can configure notification preferences for emails (and SMS) that are sent to you, your customers, and your guides.

Payment Details

The Payment Details section of your account must be configured before you can accept payments. It is important that the information entered is detailed and correct. 

Payment Gateway

    • KYC Info:

      This information is required by the payment processor. When entering it, please include the same information that is consistent with the information you provided on your most recent tax filings. I.e.,  If your company name has an LLC at the end, please include it here as well. Depending on the region you are in, the fields that Xola requires you to fill out may change.

      • Click Update KYC, this will bring a pop-up screen that will walk you through the information you to enter to verify your account with Stripe. 




    • Bank Account: This information tells Xola which account to deposit the credit card payments that you accept into. As with the Legal Entity information, it is very important that the information entered here is correct to guarantee your payouts are successful.
      • Note: If your bank account information is updated, Xola will automatically defer the payout by 2 days. 
  • Validation Rules: Allows you to choose the credit cards you will take on your account, as well as require a billing address from your customer by toggling on the Require additional billing information. 
  • Custom Payment Methods: If you accept forms of payment outside of Xola, you can configure a custom payment method to appear in your reporting. This will not allow Xola to process the payment, but rather, it will make the payment method appear in the "method" column of your report exports for the transactions that the custom method applies to.
  • Hardware: This is where you will enter the POS ID when you purchase approved credit card swipers from Xola. To learn more about the Hardware you can use click here



  • Auto Check-in
    • In Xola, there are two ways to check in a customer for an experience. One option is that a staff member uses the check-in button for a customer on the Xola desktop or mobile app. The other option is to enable Auto Check-In for a listing (or all listings) - When this is turned on, all guests will be marked as arrived if the following two conditions are met:

        • The booking is made in the back office.
        • The booking is made within the time interval requested. For example, if it is set up so that the auto check-in is ‘60’ minutes, any booking made in the back-office within 60 minutes of the start time of the experience will mark all guests in that party as arrived.
  • Post Booking Action Preference
    • Choose from the following options:
      • Go back to the Dashboard
      • Print ticket for a customer just booked (if applicable)
      • Complete the Questionnaire (if applicable)
      • Manage the booking in the Purchases tab
      • Prompt me every time
  •  Single Transaction For Multiple Reservations
    • When multiple reservations are paid for at the time of booking, they will be processed as a single transaction. To learn more, click here
    • Allow reservationists to create new bookings for past dates. To learn more, click here. 
  • Modify OTA Bookings
    • If the Modify OTA Bookings is ticked, then a reservationist or admin will have the option to modify any OTA booking that comes in. 
    • Note: If you choose to Modify an OTA booking in Xola it will no longer be in sync with the booking record of OTA. 
    • To learn more on OTA bookings, click here. 
  • Email Required
    • If Email Required is ticked, then a reservationist will have the option of completing a booking in the back-office without entering a customer email address, by clicking the email not provided box. The customer, however, will need to fill in the email, on the online checkout.
  • Phone Number Required
    • If Phone Number Required is ticked, then a reservationist will have the option of completing a booking in the back-office without entering a customer phone number, by click the phone number not provided box. The customer, however, will need to fill in the phone number, on the online checkout.
  • Auto Accept
    • All listings default to Auto Accept. Your Xola account can handle accepting or declining online bookings in two different ways:
      • You can manually review each booking and accept or decline.
      • You can toggle on Auto-Accept in Settings > Preferences. Xola will automatically confirm online bookings and charge the customer. 
      • Note: If you have your listings set up as Manual Accept your customers will have a pending charge for the amount of the experience until the booking is accepted or declined by you. This message will show to your customers upon checkout: "Your credit card statement may show a pending charge for the full booking value of $xx.xx." 
      • Note: If you have listings configured for Manual Accept, any bookings made in back office will be an override to this rule and be auto accepted. If there was card information entered, it will be charged unless you select the  "Do not charge card now" option (which can be found below the green "Pay" button in back office)

        The only time this would not be true for a back-office booking placed for a Manual Accept listing would be if the listing has a per outing minimum set that has not been fulfilled. You would have the option to manually override and accept the booking.


  • Multiple Gifts in a Single Transaction
    • If you check this box, your customers can purchase multiple gifts in a single transaction rather than going through the checkout workflow multiple times. 
  • Customer Emails
    • If you check this box, the gift recipient will receive an email with their gift code and tiles for other experiences you offer. If you are selling gift offers with listing restrictions, we recommend you uncheck this box.
  • Customer Phone Number Required
    • If you check this box, gift purchasers must provide a phone number when buying a gift. 
  • Enable Captcha
    • You can check this box if you have experience fraudulent gift purchases and want to mitigate bots that purchase gifts. 
  • Gift Reminder 
    • Check this box to remind gift recipients of an unused balance. 


Xola allows you to customize what is included in your roster export from this tab. To learn more about your Roster Export, click here


When you add a social media link to your account, there are two places they will show up.

First, every social media URL that you add will appear in the followings emails to your customers:

  • Booking modification
  • Booking modification for completed bookings
  • Booking cancellation
  • Booking reminder

Additionally, if you use the Global Reviews feature, the link to your TripAdvisor or Yelp page will be pulled into the Review Email so that customers can click directly through to the page to leave a review. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter links are only included in the confirmation and reminder emails.

Taxes and Fees

Taxes and fees are set here and then applied to whichever listings you specify. 


Most apps that have been installed in the App Store and have a configuration page, can be configured here. 

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