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Xola supports two types of Authorize.Net integration:

  • Advanced Integration Method (AIM): This is the most common gateway format and does not support saving of credit cards. Due to this you cannot collect payment at later date or disable auto-accept
  • Customer Information Manager (CIM): This is an additional free service provided by Authorize.Net that allows you to save credit card & billing information.

Xola highly recommends signing up for the CIM service.

Integrate Xola and

Here are the steps that you'll need to take to integrate your account with your Xola account:

  1. Ask your Launch Manager or to enable Custom Payment Gateway.
  2. Get ready in your account: API Login ID, AVS, Transaction Key.
    1. API Login ID: First you'll need to locate your API Login ID. This identifies your account to the payment gateway when submitting transaction requests from your website. & Transaction key (click here for more info). You'll use this to connect Xola to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway for transaction processing. 
      • Log into the Merchant Interface at
      • Click the Home tab near the top of your screen.
      • Click Account in the main menu on the left and then select Settings.
      • Click API Credentials & Keys.
      • Enter the Answer to the Secret Question for your user account if this is the first time you are performing this action. This will generate your API Login ID.
      • If you have already generated an API Login ID, it will be displayed on the page.
    2. Transaction Key. Next you'll locate 16-character alphanumeric value and is used as an additional layer of authentication when submitting transaction requests from your website.
      • Log into the Merchant Interface at
      • Click Account from the main toolbar.
      • Click Settings in the main left-side menu.
      • Click API Credentials & Keys.
      • Enter your Secret Answer.
      • Select New Transaction Key.
      • To disable the old Transaction Key, click the check box labeled Disable Old Transaction Key Immediately.
        (Note: If the Disable Old Transaction Key Immediately check box is not selected, the old transaction key will automatically expire in 24 hours.)
      • Click Submit to continue. Your new Transaction Key is displayed.
    3. Disable AVS. For full details on what this means and how to disable AVS, please reference our article, Disabling AVS.
      1. Click Settings under Account in the main menu on the left.
      2. Click Address Verification Service under Security Settings.
      3. Under "General AVS Responses" uncheck all checkboxes under "Reject".
      4. Under "Address and ZIP Code Responses" uncheck all checkboxes under "Reject".
  3. Log into your Xola account.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Payment Details.
  5. In the Payment Gateway drop-down menu, select (AIM) or (CIM).
  6. Enter in your API Login ID and Transaction Key.
  7. Click Submit.

Once this is done you can verify if the credentials have been inputted correctly by clicking the green "Verify" button beneath the transaction key. This is also a good place to troubleshoot whether your API connection with Authorize is properly set up if you have any issues processing transactions. 


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