Private Groups with Per-Person Pricing

Let's recall that trips booked that are on Per-Outing pricing are always private trips. I.e., one group books a trip timeslot and from that point on, no separate customers can book in.

However, you may want to offer guests who've booked a private experience on a first-come-first-serve basis. In this case, you still want to use Per-Person pricing, but you want to make sure that once one booking is accepted, that timeslot is no longer available for booking (similar to the Per-Outing set up). Read on to find out how to make this happen!

Private Bookings, Per-Person Pricing

Read on if you want to charge customers per head, but want a timeslot to cut off additional bookings after the first party books.

  1. Navigate to the listing for which you would like to enable the Private Groups function.
  2. Click into the Pricing tab from the left-hand menu. Make sure it's set with Per-Person pricing.
  3. Scroll down and tick off Private Groups.
  4. Going forward, as soon as one party books a timeslot for this listing, no more guests will be able to reserve a spot (even if technically the trip maximum hasn't been reached).


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