Applying a Code (Coupons, Gifts, Credits, & Affiliates) at Checkout

Whether you're looking to redeem a gift certificate, apply a discount coupon, use an Affiliate code, or use a customer's store credit, there's a code for that! With the code in hand, it's easy to redeem it in a Xola back office booking or during online checkout.

 Apply Codes at Checkout

  1. Set up your codes 
  2. During back office or online checkout, select "Have a code?" at checkout.
  3. Enter in the appropriate code when prompted.
  4. Click Pay.


To Note

  • The coupon, code, and discount applied all break out as separate line items in the customer's Payment Summary.
  • Certain Tags are auto-generated into the Tags & Internal Notes section of the customer purchase. These tags are searchable in the Purchases tab and in your exported reports.
Tip: Made a booking but forget to add a code? You can add a code post-booking via the Add Code button on the customer purchase.
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