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The Customers tab under the CRM tab is where you'll go to update your customer contact information, view booking history, add customer notes, delete credit cards on file, and view Xola waivers. Here you can also export a .csv spreadsheet of your customer information for use in other programs like MailChimp or Constant Contact. 

What's covered in this article:

View and edit Customer information

Navigate to CRM > Customers and search for your customer by name or email. If you're in another tab you can always click on a customer's blue highlighted name to be taken into their record.


Customer Record Types

Xola creates customer records for the Organizer as well as non-organizers.* If a customer makes a booking with more than one person in the group, Xola may collect non-organizer information. If a digital waiver to be signed this information is collected and stored in Xola on the Purchase and in the CRM. This is also the case when additional group members join a booking via Split Payment.

  • The Organizer is the customer whose information is initially entered for the booking.
  • When someone joins a booking by signing a waiver or split payment, these customer records will not be specified as an Organizer.
  • Waitlisted customers will show here as well. If they are invited back to book, and complete the booking, the customer profile will no longer be tagged as a waitlisted customer.

Organizer vs Non-Organizer Example:

In this example James Wilson and Jason Penny are participating in the same booking that utilized Split Payment. James originally booked the experience, and  is logged as the Organizer. James forwarded the Split Payment email to Jason, and when Jason filled it out his information was entered in as a customer record, but not as an Organizer:Screen_Shot_2018-11-13_at_9.55.23_AM.png

Click here for more information on Split Payment. 

Customer Record Fields

  • Edit Customer Info: Click the pencil icon to edit customer name, email, or phone number.
  • Lifetime Value: Click the blue + sign to view your customer lifetime value. See how much this customer has spent with your business, how many guests they have booked, and the number of coupons they have redeemed.
  • Bookings History: You'll find a row for each experience this customer has booked with you. Select either the event name or blue > to be taken to the purchase in the Purchases tab.
  • Customer Notes: Click the blue + sign and click into the Notes tab. These notes will remain in this tab and will also export in the .csv file. These are not customer-facing notes.
  • Cards: Click the blue + sign and click into the Cards tab. From here you can view and delete a card on file for a customer. Xola logs which logged in user deletes the card in Customer Notes. 
  • Waivers: Click the blue + sign and click into the Waivers tab. From here you can view all Xola waivers signed by this customer, and download the waiver. 

uDrvfDJIOS.gif Tip: You can rebook this customer from their customer profile by selecting the Book Button (more on rebooking customers here).

Merging Customer records

If you edit the a customers email address and it is the same as another customer record in Xola, it will ask you if you would like to merge the records together. 



Deleting Customers card on file

From CRM > Customers you can delete the card on file for a customer if you have administrator or reservationist permission levels in Xola. 

Simply expand the customer record by clicking the blue + and click Cards. Then you will have the option to delete the card on file. When a card is deleted you can still refund to this card, but you cannot charge the card without re-inputting the information. 

Xola will automatically record which logged in user deletes a card on file in the Customer Notes section of the customer record. If you don't see this immediately try refreshing your page.


Export Customer information to a spreadsheet

Export your customer data base to a spreadsheet to be used outside of Xola. This might come in handy if you would like to archive your past guests, or use their contact info to power a marketing campaign. 

  1. Navigate to CRM > Customers: Click into the Customers tab directly, or select your customer's name in blue from the the customer Purchase or inside a Roster.
  2. Select the Export Customers Button: Located on the right side of the page. Your customer list will appear in your downloads as a .xlsx file. 


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