Rebooking a Customer

Xola saves customer information so that you can easily rebook them when they come back for more. You can easily rebook repeat customers via Quicksearch, in the Customers tab, or in the Purchases tab.

What's covered in this article:

Checkout quicksearch

  1. Make a Booking 
  2. Next to the Full Name field, click the magnifying glass.
  3. Search or scroll for the customer name, and click to select. The customer name and any saved credit card information will populate.
  4. Process booking as normal.


The Customers Tab

  1. Navigate to the CRM>Customers.
  2. Search for the customer by name, email, or phone number.
  3. Click the Book button in the customer record.


Tip: Want to see how many times a customer has booked with you? Expand their name on the Customers tab to view their profile. Here you will see a record of all past trips booked by them, as well as their lifetime value to your business. 

The Purchases Tab

  1. Navigate to the Purchases tab.
  2. Search for the customer by name, email, phone, tag, or booking ID.
  3. Click Rebook customer in the customer purchase.


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