Reporting for Gifts and Credits

All gift and store credit reporting information is stored in the Reports tab of the Xola app as well as in an exportable report from the same tab.

Gift Reports

  1. Search and Filter
    You can search by Name, Email, or Gift Code of the purchaser or recipient.
  2. View Gift Information
    • Name: You'll find the purchase of the gift under From: and the recipient under To:. Here you will also find the gift or store credit code issued.
    • Gift Value: The original purchase amount of the gift.
    • Amount Redeemed: Dollar amount that has been applied towards a booking.
    • Outstanding Balance: Dollar amount remaining on this gift code that can be applied towards a booking.
    • Recognized Income: Dollar amount that has been applied to a trip that has taken place.
    • Deferred Income: Dollar amount that has been applied to a trip that is booked, but has not yet taken place.
    • Purchase Date: Date that the gift was purchased.


3. Export Gifts Report

  • Exporting your Gift / Store Credit Report includes the following Columns in addition to all the data points listed above.
  • Rather than Simply Name you get the following: 
    • From
    • From Email
    • From Phone #
    • To
    • To Email
  • Additionally you see Tags. All gifts are automatically tagged with the gift code as well as any other gifts purchased. So if your Tags have multiple codes, this indicates it was part of a multi-gift purchase. 

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