Edit a Coupon Campaign

Created a coupon but need to make some adjustments? Xola makes it super easy to go back and make any sort of changes that you need to your coupon campaigns, from campaign name to codes to terms.

tip: Don't know what campaign a given code applies to? You can search for the corresponding campaign by entering the exact code into the search bar located in Marketing > Coupons. 

Make Adjustments or Add New Codes to a Coupon Campaign

Edit Your Coupon's Terms and Restrictions 
After navigating to Marketing > Coupons, select the coupon campaign that you would like to edit. You can edit your coupon campaign's Description, Restrictions, or Codes. For more detail on what each of these mean, click here.

Void a Coupon
From the Codes section, select the gray arrow next to a code's status. You can toggle a code's status between 'Active' and 'Void'.

  • Active: This code is able to be applied to a booking.
  • Void: This code is not able to be applied to a booking. 
  • Booked: This One Time Use code has been applied to a booking, and will no longer work if entered.

Add More Codes to Your Campaign
You can add new codes to a campaign from within Codes by using the "new code" bar, or edit existing codes by selecting the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the list.

Tip: Add multiple codes at once by entering text separated by commas, or as
line items
line items
line items
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