Create a Coupon Campaign

In Xola there are two different types of coupons that you can make - Discount Coupons and Unlock Coupons. Discount Coupons are your traditional dollar amount or percentage off coupons, while Unlock Coupons allow you to specify the booking total yourself during checkout. Coupon discounts are always applied to your booking total before tax.

Creating a Coupon Campaign

1. Choose Coupon

  1. Navigate to the Customers tab and select Coupons.
  2. Select the green +Add button, located on the righthand side of the screen.
  3. Choose between making a Discount or an Unlock Coupon. Don't know which to choose? Click here.
  4. In the Campaign field, give your coupon campaign a name. This name will not affect your coupon's code.

2. Coupon Terms
Note that if you're creating an Unlock Coupon, you won't need to set Terms.

  • Dollar Amount Off: You can choose to discount a dollar amount per person, or to take off a set dollar amount per booking.
  • Percentage Off: Designate a percentage of the booking total to discount. This can only be applied on a per-booking basis. 

3. Make Coupon Restrictions
Here you can limit how and when your coupon code will be able to be applied.

  • Purchase Restriction: Limits the dates within which this coupon can be applied to a booking.
    Example: You want to make a coupon that can only be used during the month of November, so you set your start date to 1 November and your end date to 30 November. 
  • Arrival Restriction: Limits the date and time of the listings that this coupon can be used to book. Example: You want to incentivize customers to book trips for next summer, so you would set your start date to 1 June and your end date to 31 August of next year. You can specify even further by placing restrictions on which day of the week and time of day your coupon can apply to.
  • Listing Restriction: Your coupon's terms and restrictions will only be applied to listings selected here.

4. Set Coupon Code(s)
Here you'll create the actual code that must be entered while making a booking to provide the discount you have just created.

  • Type your desired code text into the box, it can contain any combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Your code may not contain any spaces. You can create more than one code for the same coupon campaign.
  • Choose between One Time Use and No Limit. After a One Time Use coupon is applied to a booking, its status will change from 'Active' to 'Void' and will not be able to be used again. 
Tip: Generate multiple codes at once by entering code text separated by commas, or as
line items
line items
line items

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