Down Deposit

Booking someone for a trip that has a high ticket price, or that is scheduled far into the future? Whatever the reason, here's how to collect a deposit in during a back office Xola booking.

Looking to configure deposits for a listing? Check out Down Deposits in the Advanced Pricing section.

Take a Deposit Payment 

  1. Make a booking in Xola as usual.
  2. After filling out the customer information and selecting the date and time, tick the Collect a Deposit box.


  1. Enter Deposit Details
    • Deposit Amount: The amount to be collected right now.
    • Balance: Here you can designate when the rest of the booking total will be due (note: Xola will not automatically collect this balance, the date you specify here will serve as a reminder in your Pending Action Queue)
  2. Review booking details and click Pay.

The customer purchase will reflect that there is an open balance to be settled. You can collect on the balance at any time by clicking the Collect Balance button in the Purchase tab.

Note: You can also send your customers an Invoice for the Deposit, by in the Payment section choosing the blue envelope icon. After this you can choose the date in which the deposit and remaining balance are due. These dates and amounts will display on the right hand side of your payment screen. 


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