Facebook Pixel Tracking

Xola’s Facebook Pixel integration allows you to report on Purchase events that occur within your online checkout.

  1. Install Facebook Pixel Tracking in your Xola App Store
  2. Navigate to Marketing > Conversion Tracking> Facebook
  3. Here, you can paste in your Pixel ID.
  4. Next, you will need to get your Access Token from your Facebook Settings page.

  5. In Facebook, navigate to the pixel event settings page

  6. Click Settings then scroll down to Conversions API section and click Set Up Manually > Get StartedScreen_Shot_2022-01-18_at_11.00.24_AM.png

    • Click continue in the bottom right corner

    • On the Select Events page, select Purchase

    • Select your parameters using the list below and then click continue

      • Event Detail Parameters make sure the following is checked, if not check the box next to the item:
        • Event Time
        • Action Source
        • Currency 
        • Event Name
        • Event ID
        • Value
        • Event Source URL
      • Customer Information Parameters make sure the following is checked, if not check the box next to the item:
        • Client IP Address
        • City
        • Phone
        • Client User Agent
        • Click ID (fbc) Cookie
        • Email
        • Browser ID (fbp) CookieScreen_Shot_2022-01-18_at_11.01.55_AM.png
  7. After reviewing the setup, click the “Open Implementation Guide” link under “Manually Implement the API Yourself”
  8. On the Using the Conversions API screen, click Generate Access Token and copy the codeScreen_Shot_2022-01-18_at_11.07.41_AM.png
  9. Navigate back to Xola and paste the access token into the Access Token field and Save
  10. Once you’ve pasted your Pixel ID and your Access Token into your Xola account, Xola will load your Facebook pixel inside of your checkout.
  11. If a booking is successfully completed, Xola will pass a Purchase event to your pixel. That event contains the following information:
    • Booking value
    • Listing ID
    • Quantity
    • Item Price
    • City
    • Currency

Advanced Matching

  • If you’d like, you can choose to allow Xola to pass data to Facebook that allows you to take advantage of Facebook’s Advanced Matching functionality. Facebook Advanced Matching will use information like your customer’s Name and email to build your audiences and further optimize your advertising campaigns. More on Facebook Advanced matching here.


If you use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to pass conversion data to Facebook

  • We recommend that you use Xola’s Facebook pixel integration instead.
  • Since Xola will be passing Purchase events directly to Facebook on your behalf, tracking purchase events via a custom GTM tag (using the method described here) will cause purchases to be double reported in your Facebook account.
  • If you use GTM to track events for Facebook other than purchases you can keep these in place, as Xola’s integration will only report on purchase data.
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