Manual SMS Notifications

During checkout Xola collects name, email, and phone number. Xola will always allow you to communicate with the customer via email. With our SMS feature you can also notify via Text Messaging (SMS).

Xola Manual SMS

This feature is available at an additional cost. Please email if you are interested in learning more.

Once your account has been enabled for SMS, you'll be able to manually communicate with customers via SMS in the following ways.

  • On the Purchases tab, from within the Communication sub-tab.


  • At the event level, or for an entire day's bookings


Additional Info

  • Messages that exceed 160 characters will be sent as 2 separate texts.
  • Customer responses to text messages will not appear for you in Xola.
  • If a customer calls the contact number from the SMS message, they will reach a recording that instructs them to contact the Company that they booked with (you!).
    • If you're interested in hearing that automated message, you can call 415-800-1140.


With Xola's SMS feature, you also have the option to send automatic notifications like booking confirmations via text. Learn how to configure automatic SMS messages here.

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