Gift Email | Listing-Specific Gift | To Recipient

Xola allows you to sell individual listings as gifts as well as custom dollar amounts. The email below is a gift certificate for the recipient of a listing-specific gift certificate. Should the purchaser choose to send this email to him or herself, they will receive the same email. 

Subject Line: [Name of sender] sent you a Gift Certificate


  • The Gift Code in the top right is used like a coupon code. 
  • The customer clicks Redeem to be taken to your website where they can proceed through checkout for an experience as normal.
  • The gift certificate specifies that the customer can use the money towards the Times Square tour. In your Gift Preferences you can specify whether or not customers can use a listing-specific gift towards one experience or all your offerings.
  • Instructions on how to use the gift code are included at the bottom of the email.
  • At checkout, the customer clicks Have a code? to apply the gift certificate. As long as it meets the specified criteria, the code will apply.
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