Transactions Reports

In Xola you can export your Transactions Reports from three separate places: The Analytics tab, the Earnings Report tab, and from inside your Purchase's tab's Xola balance. There are slight differences in these three Transactions reports, and this is detailed below.

Reports > Analytics > Export Transactions

  • This Transactions report should be used for reconciling the money you've earned through Xola with the money that you see in your bank statements. 
  • This is a comprehensive report of all your transactional data for a given time period.

Reports > Earnings Report > Export Transactions

  • This Transactions report should not be used to account for the overall revenue for your business.
  • This is a daily transactions breakdown. When looking at credit card transactions you'll not they are based on the timestamp of the transaction.
  • This report counts both the sale and the redemption of gift certificates as revenue. 

Purchases > Balance > Export Transactions

  • This report includes all your transactional data for a given time period and includes all payouts from Xola, Xola subscription charges, and Xola debits of negative balances.

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