Per Booking & Per Outing Minimums

The Per Booking Minimum is the minimum number of guests who must book a timeslot at once (ie, in one transaction). 

  • In the example below, at least 1 guest must book the West Side Story tour at one time.

The Per Outing Minimum (POM) sets the rule for the number of guest who must book in order for a timeslot to be confirmed. Click here or scroll down to read about the POM in detail.

  • In the example below, at least 4 guests need to book into the West Side Story tour in order for the tour to be confirmed and take place.


Per Outing Minimum in Detail

In brief, the Per Outing Minimum tells Xola the minimum number of guests who must book a timeslot in order for it to be confirmed. You can designate the number of days prior to the start time that Xola should notify you should the Minimum not be met so that you can make necessary arrangements.

Let's look at an example to better understand the customer experience.

Al's Boats offers Speedboat Tours. Al's speedboat can fit up to 10 guests, but he will only confirm the trip if a minimum of 5 guests book. He wants to know at least 5 days prior to a tour whether the minimum has been met or not.

Al's Per Outing setup would look as follows:



Let's say four guests book a 12pm Speedboat Tour - They need one more person to book to hit the POM of 5.

  • Guests 1-4 will not receive a confirmation email nor see their card's charged until the fifth guest books. 
  • Guests 1-4 will receive a Booking Request Received email and their bookings will remain pending in Xola until the fifth guest books.
  • If an event does reach the Per Outing Minimum, all pending bookings for this event will be automatically accepted (unless Auto-Accept is turned off in your Settings). Credit cards will be charged and confirmation emails will be sent out to those customers.
  • If an event does not meet the Per Outing Minimum by the designated time, Xola will notify the seller via email. At that point, the seller can reach out to the customer to reschedule or manually accept the bookings.
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