Gift Offers: Date & Purchase Restrictions

Xola allows you to configure restrictions on your gift offerings so that you can run different various specials and promotions throughout the year. 

In brief,

  • Purchase Window: Limits the dates in which this gift offer will appear available for purchase in your gift checkout.
  • Arrival Window: Limits the dates in which the gift recipient is able to redeem the gift for its promotional value.
  • Email Reminder: Configures Xola to auto-send the recipient an email end of the Arrival Restriction period is approaching.
  • Listing Restriction: Limits the listings to which the gift recipient can apply this offer.

Purchase Window


The Purchase Window limits the dates in which this gift offer will appear available for purchase in your gift checkout.

Example: You want to run a Christmas special on gifts between December 1st and December 24th - Buy a gift for $100, get $20 off.

  1. In Products > Gift Offers, create your Variable or Fixed Price gift offer.
  2. Set the Purchase Window to December 1 - December 24th.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Button Code > Gifts.
  4. Click +Make a button containing this Variable Priced gift and click Save.
  5. Hover over the newly created gift button and click Preview.
  6. If the current date is between December 1st and 24th, the gift will appear available for purchase. If the current date is outside of the Purchase Restriction this gift will not appear available for purchase.

Arrival Window


The Arrival Window limits the dates and time in which the gift recipient may redeem the offer.

Example: You want to run the following gift offer - Buy a $30 gift for a $50 value. The intent is to incentivize customers to redeem these gifts on experiences that take place:

  • During the month of January
  • On any day from Monday - Thursday
  • Between 1pm and 5pm

You can use the Arrival Restriction to ensure that gift recipients can only use their gift on experiences that meet this criteria by taking the following steps:

  1. In Products > Gift Offers, create your Variable or Fixed Price gift offer.
  2. Set the Arrival Window to January 1 - January 31st.
  3. Untick Fri, Sat, and Sun so that only Mon - Thurs are ticked.
  4. Set the Start Time to 1pm and the End Time to 5pm.
    In this case, we have not specified a Purchase Restriction, so the gift offer will be immediately available for purchase. If you also specify a Purchase Restriction that will affect the gift offer's availability.

The gift email to the recipient will clearly state, "This gift certificate can be used to purchase any experience from 01 Sep, 2017 to 01 Oct, 2017 between 13:00:00 to 17:00:00". You can see a sample Gift Offer email attached to the bottom of this article.

  • If Janel redeems the gift for a tour that follows the above Arrival Window, she will be able to redeem the full $50 value.
  • If Janel redeems the gift for a tour outside of the above Arrival Window, she will only be able to redeem the base price of the gift, $30.

Email Reminder


Designate the number of days prior to the Arrival Window that you would like Xola to send the recipient a reminder email to book a tour and redeem their gift.

For example, let's say you set the Arrival Restriction to January 31st and the Email Reminder to send 10 days prior. If Janel has still not booked a tour with her gift or redeemed the gift offer by January 20th, Xola will send her an email reminder.

Listing Restriction 


You may be running gift promotions on only a select few listings. You can designate here by selecting in green which listings are eligible for the gift offer and which are not.

For example, You may only be running the $50 for $30 gift offer on the Great Escape listing

  • If Janel uses the gift towards the Great Escape listing (and is in line with the other restrictions) she can redeem the full $50 value.
  • If Janel uses the gift towards the Times Square Tour, she will only be able to redeem the base price of the gift, $30.

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