Issuing a Refund

In Xola, a refund means decreasing the total booking value and returning full or partial payment to the customer.

Issue a Refund

  1. In the Purchases tab, navigate into the customer purchase.
  2. From the Modifications Banner, click Refund.
  3. Select Reduce booking value and return payment.
  4. For a full refund, ensure the full amount is populated in the Amount field. For a partial refund, enter in the exact amount to be refunded. 
  5. Select the method of payment with which you would like to refund this customer.
  6. Enter in the reason for this refund in the Comment field.
  7. Click the Refund button.
  8. The refund will be reflected under Payment Summary and in the Timeline.


To Note

  • By selecting or unselecting the Notify box, you can choose whether you would like to send your customer an email about this refund.
  • Issuing a partial refund will not adjust the taxes and fees on a purchase.
  • If you select the Check or Other payment method, this will not initiate a transfer of funds. For example, if you choose the Check option you must still write the customer a check - Xola will not produce this check.
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