Listings in Xola can be programmed with repeating or custom set schedules. You may run into a situation where you need to create a one-time, non-repeating timeslot. You can do this by either making a Custom Schedule or at the time of checkout with our Timeslot-on-the-Fly feature.


A Timeslot-on-the-Fly is a timeslot added by a Xola user for a particular date and time that is not part of any weekly or custom schedule.

  1. When choosing a new date and time, click the blue hyperlinked +Add a new timeslot.
  2. In the window that appears, pick the date and time of this new timeslot, adjust the capacity, and click Create.
  3. Continue with the booking as normal.


Oops! If you created a Timeslot-on-the-Fly in error or it's no longer valid, navigate to the timeslot in the dashboard. Provided that no bookings have been made, you can click into the timeslot and click the Delete button that will appear in the top left corner.


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