Gift Offers: Fixed Price Gift Certificates

By default, Xola allows you to sell your listings as full-price gift certificates. You can also sell gift certificates at a fixed or variable price that can be applied across all of your experiences. This article details how to set up a fixed price gift certificate and features an example set-up.

Fixed Price Gift Certificates


  1. Hover over the Products tab and select Gift Offers.
  2. Click +Create a Gift Offer.
  3. Select Fixed price gift.
  4. Give the gift a Title.
  5. Specify the Purchase Value of the gift - How much will the purchaser pay for the gift?
  6. Specify the Gift Value of the gift - How much is the gift worth?
  7. Enter in a Description for this gift. Customers will see this description when they are selecting the gift certificate.
  8. Click Save.
When a variable price gift purchase comes through to your Xola account, the Total Value will be equal to the Purchase Value and the Current Balance will be equal to the Gift Value. The Current Balance will adjust as the recipient books experiences and puts the gift certificate towards the cost.
To edit the gift offer or change the gift image, navigate to Products > Gift Offers > and hover over the gift offer until you see the pencil or camera icons.


For the price of $90 customers can buy a gift certificate that has a value of $100. 

In Xola, you would want to create the following Fixed Price gift offer:


In the example below, Rick has paid $90 for a gift certificate to Morty that has a $100 redeemable value. 

In Xola, the gift purchase will come through with the following information:



The gift certificate email sent to the purchaser or recipient will contain the following information:



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