Early Inventory Return

Your inventory understands the listing duration to be the amount of time for which to hold one piece of inventory. For example, if your Kayak Rental listing is set to a 4 hour duration and a customer books a kayak at 10am, that kayak will not be free to rent again until 2pm. 

But what about if that customer returns at 1pm?

Xola's Early Inventory Return feature allows you to figure that piece of inventory back into stock to rent out to other customers.

Initial Set Up

To set this up for a listing that has inventory, make sure to tick the Early Inventory box in the listing's Description tab.


Early Return Process

  1. When a customer arrives for their booking, click the green check mark in the roster view to check them in. When you do this, Xola will hold inventory for the total number of people in that party.
  2. When the customer returns early, click into the roster view for their trip. Next to the green check mark by the customer's name, click the green return arrow.
  3. Clicking the green return arrow will free up inventory for the total number of guests in that party.
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