Managing Gifts & Credits: Add Funds, Refund, & Adjust Balance

The Gifts/Store Credit tab under the main Reports tab contains records of gift certificate and store credit codes issued. When you click onto the row of a gift or store credit, you'll see its timeline and record of modifications. From inside the credit you can take the following actions that are detailed below:

  • Resend gift emails
  • Add funds
  • Refund
  • Adjust Balance

Resend Gift Confirmation

Allows you to re-send the gift certificate confirmation email to the recipient or purchaser.


Resend Gift Receipt

Allows you to re-send the gift receipt email to the original purchaser.


Add Funds

When you Add Funds to a gift or store credit, you increase the redeemable value of the credit by charging the purchaser additional funds. You can charge the existing card on file or add a new one to complete the transaction, and the gift or credit will automatically update to reflect the new balance.



You can decrease the redeemable value of the gift certificate when you Refund a gift. If you are refunding via credit card you can only refund the card used to purchase the gift or experience. After you complete the refund the gift or credit will automatically update to reflect the new balance.


Adjust Balance

When you Adjust Balance for a gift or store credit, you increase or decrease the value of the credit without affecting the total amount paid by the purchaser. Any increase or decrease made to the gift or credit will only affect its redeemable value.


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