Analytics Tab: Transactions Report

Export Transactions Report

The transactions report accessed from your Analytics is a comprehensive report of all your transactional data for a given time period. Please note: This is a slightly different Transactions Report than the one exported in your Earnings Report tag.

Again, this should be used for reconciling the money you've earned through Xola with the money that you see in your bank statements.

Summary Tab vs. Transactions Tab

There are two tabs in your Transactions Report: The Summary tab and the Transactions tab.

The Summary Tab displays the total revenue brought in, processing fees, and total earnings from each payment method. The Transactions tab is where each transaction lives.

You should note that you may have more than one transaction for one single customer purchase. For example, they may make an initial purchase and subsequent transaction on March 3rd, add and pay for a guest on March 17th, and receive a 25% refund on April 1st - All three of these transactions will be listed out separately in this Transactions Report, and as such will depend on the dates selected in the date picker and if it’s a Cash Flow or Realized Earnings report.

Like the Trips Report, you have access to information including revenue, processing fees, payment of method, taxes and fees, coupons applied, affiliate codes applied, and more.


Also as in the Trips Report, certain kind of bookings are auto-tagged by Xola:

  • Affiliate bookings are auto-tagged with ‘Affiliate’ and the affiliate code.
  • Gifts are tagged with ‘Gift’ and the gift code.
  • Bookings recovered via Abandoned Booking Recovery are tagged with ‘rescue’.
  • Bookings made on Mobile devices are tagged ‘mobile’,
  • And bookings made through Book Now buttons on websites that are not your Xola-affiliated website will be tagged with the URL of the website. For example, if Popspot’s main website is but they also have Book Now buttons installed on, bookings made through will be tagged as such.
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