Analytics Tab: Events Report

Xola produces two main reports: The Events Report and the Transactions Report.

The Events Report should be used to determine where your money is coming from - which trips, which add-ons, which affiliates, etc. The Transactions Report is for reconciling the money you've earned through Xola with the money that you see in your bank statements.

Xola’s in-app analytics provide you with a glance of your financial standing, but our exported reports contain all the information you need to analyze your business activities - Which add-ons are selling like hot cakes, which listings are most popular, who your top-performing affiliates are, how much sales tax you’ve processed, and more.

Export Events Report

To export a Events Report, first toggle on either Cash Flow or Realized Earnings. Then select the date range for which you want to pull data. Then click “Export Events”.

Events/Booking Tab

When you open your exported Events report, you’ll see two tabs: Trips and Bookings.

The Events tab breaks down your data by trip timeslot - You’ll see all Guest Breakdown by Demographic, Transactional information including revenue, processing fees, taxes and fees, Coupon breakdowns, Affiliate breakdowns, and Guide information.

The Bookings tab essentially pulls all information from the Purchases tab and breaks down your data by customer purchase.  You’ll see all Guest Breakdown by Demographic, Transactional information including revenue, processing fees, taxes and fees, Coupon breakdowns, Affiliate breakdowns, Add-on breakdowns, and Guide information.

There is a lot of information in your Events Report, and you can manipulate the data in a number of ways to find what you’re looking for.


For instance, if we wanted to know how much revenue came in for the Bob Dylan Tour, we could filter the Experience column down to Bob Dylan, and then sum the revenue for those trips.

If we wanted to know how much we need to report in Sales Tax for all tours sold, we’d want clear the filter and sum the entire Sales Tax column.

If you want to know how many tours were booked by the Affiliate Scarlett O’Hara, you’ll navigate to the Affiliate column, and filter to show just Scarlett. You could then sum the revenue column to see the total revenue she brought in to your business.

There are lots of different filters and sorts you can pull to find many different data sets you are looking for. You can alway contact Xola Support if there is something specific you want to know how to track.


All customer purchases have a Tags and Notes field. These export into the Tags column of your reports.

There are also certain kind of bookings that are auto-tagged by Xola:

  • Affiliate bookings are auto-tagged with ‘Affiliate’ and the affiliate code.
  • Gifts are tagged with ‘Gift’ and the gift code.
  • Abandoned Bookings that are recovered are tagged with ‘rescue’.
  • Bookings made on Mobile devices are tagged ‘mobile’,
  • And bookings made through Book Now buttons on websites that are not your Xola-affiliated website will be tagged with the URL of the website. For example, if Popspot’s main website is but they also have Book Now buttons installed on, bookings made through will be tagged as such.

Now that you know what tags to look for, it’s easy to filter and sum the columns to find out information ranging from Abandoned Booking revenue to bookings made on mobile.

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