Gifts Reports

Your Gifts are reported on separately to your tours. Xola provides in-app Gift reporting as well as a spreadsheet version that can be exported from the Gifts tab.

Gift Reporting

Gift Value - This is the value that the Gift Certificate was purchased for.

Amount Redeemed - This is the amount of money that the recipient has used and redeemed towards an experience.

Outstanding Balance - This is the total amount of money on the Gift Certificate. This may be higher than the Gift Value if funds were manually increased by Xola Admin or if more money was added to the gift itself.

Recognized Income - This is how much of the Amount Redeemed has been recognized. For example, if Jenna uses a gift code for a tour going out on April 3rd, until that date passes the money is not yet recognized from that gift.

Deferred Income - This is the current total amount that remains on the gift certificate. Since it has not yet been put towards a booked experience, it is considered not recognized but rather deferred.

Purchase Date - The date the purchaser bought the gift certificate for the recipient.


Like all Xola reports, you can export your Gifts report as an Excel spreadsheet.

State/Local Laws

We do recommend that you check with your state and / or local laws regarding gift certificates. Several states have laws in place that make it illegal to expire gift certificates, and for that reason Xola does not offer the ability to put an expiration date on gift certificates.

Please note that gift certificates can be redeemed towards any listing you have in Xola, but you can choose in Settings > Preferences how you would like to advertise to your customers.

Void Out → Reduce Funds

If this law does not apply in your state or for some reason you need to void out a gift certificate, you’ll want to click 'Adjust Funds' inside the gift and decrease the balance to $0.

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