Earnings Report

Your Earnings Report is a daily transactions breakdown. Use the date picker to choose the date you'd like to examine, and Xola will show you all transactions recorded that day.

Group Reservationists

This filter can be used to balance a cash drawer at the end of the day - To view how many transactions each Reservationist processed on a given date or time frame, use the drop down menu at the top of the report to filter down by reservationist. This should match the credit card receipts and what is in the drawer.

View Payment Methods

To filter your different payment methods for a given date or time,  use the drop down menu at the top of the report. This can be used in tandem with the Reservationists filter.


To print this Transactions report in table format, right click the screen and select Print.

Export Transactions Report

Please note: The Transactions report in the Analytics tab is slightly different than this one in the Earnings Report tab. The Transactions report found in your Earnings Report is meant to help you balance a cash drawer, and it will report the use of gift certificates as revenue. This way you know how much value in gift certificates you should expect to see in your drawer.

Additionally this means that this report should not be used to account for the overall revenue for your business.

For example, if you sell a gift certificate for $100 cash, the Earnings report will record $100 cash earnings. Then if the customer uses that gift certificate to book a tour, the Earnings report will record $100 of gift certificate earnings. When summed, this would make your revenue for the day $200, which is accurate for how much value is in your cash drawer, but not accurate for how much revenue you brought in as a business.

In the Analytics tab, revenue is only reported when a gift is sold, not when it is redeemed, so you should use the Analytics tab for a report of your overall business revenue.

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