Receipt Printer Set Up - Windows

This article contains step-by-step instructions for setting up receipt printers with Xola on a Windows computer.

  1. Install Web Browser: You’ve probably already done this but it is important to know that whatever web browser you wish to use Xola with will need to be installed before the other software to ensure proper functionality. So if you want to use Firefox or Google Chrome, make sure that you’ve installed them before proceeding to the next steps.
  2. Attach Printer to Computer: It is all too easy to forget this crucial step! Make sure that the printer is plugged into power, powered on, attached to your computer by USB, and loaded with a roll of receipt paper.
  3. Install Printer Driver: Go to the following page and download TSP100 futurePRNT Software Full: 
    • When the download is complete open the file and follow the installation instructions.
  4. Install/Update Java: Go to the following page, download and install the latest version of Java:
  5. Install QZ Tray: Go to the following page and download QZ Tray v2.0:
    • After you’ve downloaded QZ Tray but before installing it, shut down all web browser applications on your computer.

    • Once your web browsers are shut down, open the downloaded QZ Tray file and proceed with the installation.

    • After installation is complete, QZ Tray will launch. You will see an icon in the taskbar indicating that QZ Tray is running. You may click this icon and select Automatically Start, if you don’t want to have to start up QZ Tray manually every time you boot your computer.



    • Restart your computer.

  6. Finalize Setup: After restarting your computer, verify that QZ Tray is running by looking for its icon in your taskbar.
    • Open your web browser and go to log in to Xola.
    • You will see a pop-up asking to give QZ Industries access to local resources. Check the ‘Remember this decision’ box then click Allow.


  • Now go to Settings> Printers in Xola and select the Star TSP100 from the dropdown.
  • You are ready to print receipts!

Note: If you don’t see your printer in the dropdown, restart your computer and repeat the Finalize Setup procedure (you will not be prompted to allow permission again).


We also have video tutorials that can walk you through this process on Windows 7 or Windows 10:

Windows 7:

Windows 10:

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