Gift Preferences

There are a number of settings that you can choose for Gifts. Navigate to Settings > Preferences and scroll down to Gifts. 

New to using gifts in Xola? Check out our gift overview article.


Multiple Gifts in a Single Transaction

If you check this box, your customers can purchase multiple gifts in a single transaction rather than going through the checkout workflow multiple times. 

Customer Emails

If you check this box, the gift recipient will receive an email with their gift code and tiles for other experiences you offer. If you are selling gift offers with listing restrictions, we recommend you uncheck this box.

Customer Phone Number Required

If you check this box, gift purchasers must provide a phone number when buying a gift. 

Enable Captcha

You can check this box if you have experience fraudulent gift purchases and want to mitigate bots that purchase gifts. 

Gift Reminder 

Check this box to remind gift recipients of an unused balance. 


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