Removing Taxes and Fees From a Booking

Read on below to find out how to process tax-exempt customers in a snap.
Please note: Taxes and fees cannot be removed once a booking has been processed.

Remove Taxes & Fees 

    1. During back office checkout, navigate to the Payment Summary.
    2. Click the "Modify taxes & fees" link. A red X will appear next to all taxes or fees.
    3. To remove a tax or fee before processing this booking, click the red X. A gray line will strike out  the tax or fee line item and it will be removed from the booking total.
      Oops! To re-instate one tax or fee, simply click the gray arrow on the line item to reverse the removal. To re-instate all taxes or fees, click "Reset taxes & fees".


    1. Proceed with booking as normal and click Pay.
    2. In the customer purchase in the Purchases tab, hover over the Taxes & Fees line item to view a breakdown of paid and / or removed taxes and fees.


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