Transactions vs. Trips Reports

Our Reports tab has beautiful graphs, charts, and graphics to help you understand your revenue, customers, and business. But when it comes to the nitty gritty information, you'll want to export your reports from Xola to use and manipulate in Excel. We get it - We're not all born accountants, and it can sound daunting to choose between a Cash Flow Trips Report and a Realized Earnings Transactions Report. Below we've provided you with a breakdown of our reports and the modes in which they can be viewed and / or exported.

Trips vs. Transactions Report

  • The Trips Report should be used to determine where your money is coming from - which trips, which add-ons, which affiliates, etc. 
  • The Transactions Report is for reconciling the money you've earned through Xola with the money that you see in your bank statements.


Cash Flow vs. Realized Earnings

  • A Cash Flow Trips report for range X will show all the trip information for every trip where the initial transaction occurred during range X. 
  • A Cash Flow Transactions report for range X will show all the transactions that occurred within range X.
    • Wait! The revenue does not match up for range X between my Trips and Transactions report!
    • One trip can have multiple transactions occur - For example, Alice pays a deposit in May, then she pays the rest when she arrives on site in July. The date that Alice paid her deposit may fit in range X, but the other transaction occurred outside of range X. This is why the Trips Report may show a higher revenue figure than the Transactions Report for the same time period.
  • A Realized Earnings Trips report for range X will show all the trip information for every trip that took place during range X regardless of when it was paid for. 
  • A Realized Earnings Transactions report will show all the transactions processed for trips that took place during range X. This may include trips that were paid for prior to range X.
    • Wait! Some of the trips on my Realized Earnings report are outside of the trip arrival date! How can this be?
    • Realized Earnings transactions reports are coded is with the realized date calculated on the date of the trip/arrival. If the money was collected after the date of the trip, then that is the realized date. This may be the case if you are for some reason reconciling trips a considerable time after a trip had taken place.


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