Overview: Book Now Buttons

To allow customers to make bookings through your website, you'll need to implement Xola Book Now buttons that pull up online checkout. In Settings > Button Code, you'll always have access to the code that makes up your buttons and checkout as well as the ability to design or redesign your own buttons and checkout.

Button Code

In the Button Code section of your Settings tab, you'll always have access to the HTML, CSS, JavaScript code that work in tandem to produce the Book Now buttons that appear on your site.

  • The Javascript code must be plugged into your website's universal header or footer. This only needs to be done once.
  • Xola offers a default green Book Now button, but also offers for you to designate a custom CSS class should you desire a different shape, color, size, or messaging.
  • Finally, you have access to the HTML code for all of your listings and custom-made checkout buttons. This HTML code should be input into the text version of your webpage.

Checkout Types

Xola offers four kinds of online checkout:

  1. Single Item Checkout: Pulls up checkout for one listing.
  2. Multi-Item Checkout: You choose which listings should appear for checkout in this button, and your customers can checkout for more than one listing at a time.
  3. Timeline Checkout: A scrollable timeline that shows upcoming trip times across all of your listings.You choose which listings appear in checkout for this button.
  4. Gifts Checkout: Pulls up the listings you offer for Gifts as well as a custom dollar amount. Your customers can purchase these gifts and send them to recipients.

At the first creation of a listing, Single Item Checkout HTML code is generated for it. With Multi-Item, Timeline, and Gifts Checkouts, you create the own buttons, designating which listings should appear in that checkout, and HTML code is generated upon saving.

For more information on creating your own buttons, please read our article, Types of Checkout.

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