Return Payment to a Customer

In Xola, returning payment means you are returning money to a customer in order to collect that money in another form of payment or from another customer.

Returning payment differs slightly from refunding, which decreases the balance in partial or in full for a customer. For information on the difference between refunding and returning a payment, click here.

If you want to return payment due to a decrease in guest count or add-ons, make sure to either Modify Guest Count or Modify Add-Ons from the Modification Banner. This way it will be sure to take into account taxes and fees regarding guests and additional items.

Return Payment

  1. In the Purchases tab, navigate into the customer purchase.
  2. At the bottom of the Payment Summary, click Return Payment.
  3. In the Amount field, put in the exact monetary amount you would like to return to this customer.
  4. Select the method of payment with which you would like to return the money to this customer. 
  5. In the Reason field, type in the reason for which you are returning money to this customer.
  6. Click Return Payment.
  7. Under the Payment Summary column, you will see that a balance has opened for the exact amount that you returned to the customer.
  8. To collect on this balance, click the green Collect Balance button. You can collect this money from the same customer with a different payment method, or from another customer entirely. Process the transaction as normal.
Tip: Have a customer who has already paid, but wants to split their booking total with their friend across multiple credit cards? Use return payment to give back half of the total to the original customer, and then collect the balance due from the second party! 

To Note

  • By selecting or unselecting the Notify box, you can choose whether you would like to send your customer an email updating them of this return.
  • If you select the Check or Other payment method, this will not initiate a transfer of funds. For example, if you choose the Check option you must still write the customer a check - Xola will not produce this check.

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