Link Smartwaivers to a Purchase

Sometimes people forget to sign the Smartwaiver before they arrive for their experience. Instead of signing it through the confirmation email, the customer signs it through In this case, the signed waiver is recorded in Smartwaiver, but Xola doesn't know which purchase to link it to. The steps to link a Smartwaiver to a purchase in Xola are detailed below.

Link a waiver in Smartwaiver to a purchase in Xola

  1. In the Purchases tab, click into the purchase of the main trip organizer.
  2. Under Booking Details, click the blue hyperlink # Waivers signed.
  3. Click the Link a Waiver hyperlink.
  4. A Link a Waiver window will appear. You’ll see a list of customers starting with those who've most recently signed the waiver as well as a search field. If you do not see a customer’s name in the list, simply type in their name in the search bar to bring up their waiver. 
  5. Select the customer’s name and click the green Link button to link the waiver to this purchase.

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