Manage your Schedule, Listings, and Availability

Before you start filling your account with bookings and customers, you'll need to make sure that your Listings are set up, and that they map properly to your business. For example, you should likely have a Listing for each activity that you offer, and a corresponding schedule that accurately reflects your upcoming availability.

Listing (noun): An experience or activity offered by your business. The business offering that brings customers in the door.

There are a lot of potential details and moving peices that go into setting up your Listings. You'll need to make decisions on items like your schedule, capacity, logistical restrictions to booking, and price - just to name a few.

To get started with learning how to set up and manage your Listings in Xola, visit this page (maybe roll up your sleeves before you do, this stuff's important!)


Once that's done, you'll finally be ready to start taking bookings

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