Link a Digital Waiver to a Listing

Once you are all set up with your Smartwaiver account, there are two steps you'll need to take to officially set up the integration with your Xola account.

Step 1: Copy your Smartwaiver API Key for V3 and paste it into your Xola account.
Step 2: Copy your digital waiver URLS and paste them into the appropriate Xola listings.

Note: Other than handily linking your waivers to Xola purchases, Xola is not affiliated with Smartwaiver in any way.

Step 2: Link Digitial Waivers to Xola Listings

  1. Navigate to the Listings tab and select the listing to which you would like to attach a waiver.
  2. Select Edit Listing.
  3. Select Digital Waiver from the left-side menu.
  4. Enter the Digital Waiver URL of the specific waiver that applies to this and hit Save.
    • Not sure what a Digital Waiver URL is, or where to find it? Learn from the source here (Smartwaiver login required).


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