Link Your Smartwaiver Account to Xola

Once you are all set up with your Smartwaiver account, there are two steps you'll need to take to officially set up the integration with Xola.

  1. Generate your Smartwaiver API Key and Xola Webhook URL - Described below.
  2. Copy your digital waiver URLS and paste them into the appropriate Xola listings - Described here.

Note: Other than linking your waivers to Xola purchases, Xola is not affiliated with Smartwaiver in any way.

Step 1: API Key

Not sure what a SmartWaiver API Key is? Click here (Smartwaiver login required) to learn from the source.


  1. In your Smartwaiver account, create an API key by labelling it "Xola API" and clicking Create.
  2. Copy the API Key for V3.
  3. In Xola, navigate to the Listings tab and select Global Settings
  4. Select Digital Waiver from the drop-down menu.
  5. Paste in the Smartwaiver API Key (V3) and click Save.
  6. Copy the Webhook URL that Xola has generated.
  7. Click here (Smartwaiver login required) to paste it into the "Your Webhook URL" field of your Smartwaiver account.
  8. Below the "Your Webhook URL" field in Smartwaiver, change the trigger setting from "Fire a webhook after participant..." to "Do not wait for email validation".
  9. Tick the box for Link Waiver to multiple bookings if you would like to be able to link one waiver to multiple purchases for one single customer. The maximum number of days in which you can reuse a waiver is 90.

Halfway done! Now that Smartwaiver and Xola are integrated, you're ready for Step 2: Link the Smartwaivers to your Xola Listings.


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