Verify your Settings Tab


One of the first things that you'll want to do with your new Xola account is navigate to your Settings tab and verify the information inside. There's a good amount to go through, all of it important! We've broken it down for you here.

This tab is only availabale to users with Administrator acces.

  1. Subscription
    • Here you'll find information on your subscription package, including your payment amount and which features are associated with your account.

      Want to change what card your subscription payments are made with? This is your tab. Underneath your Payment Summary, select 'Change Card'.

  2. Basic Info
    • Profile Picture
      This image is internal and only visible within Xola.
    • Logo
      This is the image that will appear at the top of emails sent to your customers through Xola.
    • Company Name
    • Credit Card Statement Descriptor
      Be sure to make this something that your customers will recognize!
    • Phone Number
    • Website URL
    • Address
    • City
  3. Account
    • Current Email
      This is the main email that is associated with your account, you'll recognize it as the first email used to log in to Xola.
    • Communication Email
      This will be set as the reply to adress for customers who receive emails from Xola

      Learn more about Emails in Xola here

    • Here you can also change your password as well as update your Current Email or Communication Email.
  4. Preferences
    • Auto Check-in
      Selected: Customers who book within a specified interval of time before your listing begins will be automatically marked as "checked-in".

      Not selected: As the provider, you will have the option to manually mark customers as "Checked-iIn" or "No-Show", no matter when they book.
    • Email Required
      Selected: Members of your organization will be able to make a booking in the back office without entering in an email address for a client. 

      Not selected: Bookings made in the back office will require an email address (this setting does not affect online checkout).
    • Auto Accept
      Selected: Online bookings will be automatically confirmed (pending your availability, of course) and entered into Xola.

      Not selected: Online bookings will be received as requests and will exist in a pending state until you either confirm or deny them.
  5. Notifications
    On this tab, you can decide which emails you would like sent (or not sent) for certain actions across the app.
    • Emails Sent to Me
    • Emails Sent to My Customers
    • Emails Sent to My Guides
  6. Grant Access
    Here you can give account acces of varying levels to other users. Available access levels include:
    • Administrator
      Has complete account access.
    • Curator
      Can create and edit listings.
    • Reservationist
      Can create/edit bookings and view the dashboard, rosters and customers.
    • Reservationist Lite
      Can create and modify bookings with no refund privileges.
    • Guide Manager
      Can assign guides to trips.
    • Accountant
      Can view all bookings and financial data.
    • Guide
      Can be assigned to trips by guide managers.
  7. Social
    Here you'll imput links to your profiles across various sites, these will be sent to cusomers who complete after they complete one of your listings. The list includes:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • TripAdvisor
    • Yelp
    • Google+
  8. Taxes and Fees
    If you charge taxes or fees in addition to the price of certain listings, you'll set them up in this tab. More on taxes and fees here.
  9. Distribution
    To set up an integration with a third-party distributor, you'll need to contact your designated Customer Success Manager. 
  10. Payment Details
    Enter your payment details in this tab so that you can receive direct deposits from Xola for credit card payments that you collect. Necessary fields include:
    • Routing Number
    • Account Number
    • Account Type
    • Tax ID
    • Legal Name
  11. Code
    Here's your hub for all things Xola buttons! This is where you'll get started on installing Xola buttons on your site, eventually enabling you to take online bookings.
    • Everything that you need to know about Xola buttons here

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