Refund & Add Funds to Gifts

From the Purchases Tab, you can refund or add funds to the value of a Gift Certificate. When you use the Refund or Add Funds buttons, you adjust the redeemable value of the Gift Code through an exchange of funds

This is different than Adjust Balancewhich changes a gift's value without money changing hands.

  1. Search for the Gift in the Purchases Tab
    You can search by Name, Email, Gift Code, or Purchase Date.
  2. Select Add Funds or Refund
    • Input the amount that you would like to Increase or Decrease the Gift's Value by.
    • Add a comment.
  3. Select Payment Method
    • You can choose between Credit Card, Cash, Check, or other.
  4. Save Changes to Balance
    • Your Gift's new value will be displayed, along with original purchase value, amount redeemed, and recognized / deferred income.

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