Book via an Affiliate or Reseller

If you use Xola's Affiliate & Reseller Program, your affiliates can receive credit for bookings made both online or in the Xola App. All you need is their code, and deposit amount. Xola will then record the booking along with any commissions or discounts that you have set up.  

This page will show you how to make a booking on behalf of one of your affiliates. Remember, your affiliates can also make bookings themselves through a Xola button on your website, all they need is their code!

  1. Begin Making a Booking Online or in the Xola App
  2. Enter Affiliate Code in the "Have a Code?" Section
    "Have a Code?" can be found underneath your bookings Payment Summary.
    • Be sure to select the green check mark along the way!
  3. Enter Affiliate Deposit Amount
    If your affiliate has taken a deposit from the customer, record that amount here.
    • If your affiliate receives commission for bookings they make: This deposit amount will be subtracted from the total that you owe them in your Affiliate Commissions Report.
    • If your affiliate does not receive commission: This deposit amount will be recorded as money owed to you in your Affiliate Commissions Report.
    • If your affiliate uses a voucher: You will be prompted to enter the voucher amount (by default, this will equal the booking total) and the voucher ID.
      Tip: More info on Affiliate Vouchers: Check it out here
  4. Review Details and Complete Booking
    • Any discounts assigned to your affiliate code will now be reflected in the Order Total
Tip: Want to quickly locate bookings made via an affiliate? Go to your Bookings tab and search for affiliate. Any booking made with an affiliate code will have this tag, along with a tag denoting the specific affiliate code (you can search those too).
Tip: A booking came through without giving credit to the appropriate affiliate? Not to worry! You can add your affiliate's code from the bookings tab. Your booking will update with the appropriate parameters (you can also delete an affiliate's code from a booking if need be).

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