Online Bookings

With Xola buttons on your site, a booking can be made for one of your listings by anyone, anywhere, at any time. 
Quick & Dirty
  1. Install Xola Buttons on Your Website
  2. Enter Booking Details
    • Number of Guests
    • Trip Date & Time
    • Name
    • Email
  3. Enter Credit Card
    • When a booking is made through your website, a credit card must be used as payment
    • Enter a Code (optional)
    • Select Add-Ons (optional)
    Tip: You can make Add-Ons that can be purchased during an in person booking, but not when checking out online.
  4. Complete Questionnaire
    • After completing payment, your customers will be prompted to fill out your questionnaire (If you have one)
    • Learn more about questionnaires.

Once an online booking has been accepted, your customers will receive a confirmation email, containing proof of purchase and important details about their upcoming trip.


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