Apply Discounts, Coupons, and Gifts

Whether you're looking to redeem a gift certificate, or apply a discount coupon to a booking, there's a code for that. Once you've got your code in hand, here's how to redeem it via the Xola app or during online checkout.

  1. Create a Coupon or Gift Certificate
  2. Select “Have a Code?” During Checkout
    • Coupons and Gift Certificates in Xola are redeemed by entering a code during checkout
    • Codes can be redeemed both when booking Online and in person
  3. Complete Booking
    • Coupon Codes redeemed will appear on the customer’s booking page in the Payment Summary section
    • Affiliate Codes used will appear on the customer’s booking page in the Tags and Internal Notes section
      Tip: Make a booking but forget to add your code? You can add a code after a booking has been completed via the "have a code" section on the specific booking page!
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