Confirmation Email

When customers are confirmed for a tour, they will automatically receive a Confirmation Email. It contains lots of vital informational items, among them are meeting location, an itemized payment receipt, and your cancellation policy. Here's an in-depth walk through of the confirmation email sent to your customers. 

  1. What it Contains & Where to Edit
    • Subject Line: The subject line will read Booking Confirmed: [listing title] on [date of booking]

      Example: Booking Confirmed: SkyZip Brewery Kayak Rental on April 1, 2019

    • Your Logo: You can change your logo on the Settings Tabin the Basic Info section.
    • Trip Date & Time: This can be changed from your customer's individual booking page. Learn more here: Modify a Booking
    • When to Arrive: You can tell your customers they need to arrive ahead of time when Setting Your Schedule from the Listings Tab. 
    • Customer Name and Email: If you need to edit a customer's basic info, you can do so from the Customers Tab. Learn more here: See Customer History, Notes, and Value
    • Itemized Receipt: This will be generated based on what your customer purchases. If you would like to make changes of any kind, you can do so by Modifying the Booking
    • Meeting Location: This appears as an interactive map, when you Describe your Listing you will enter / select this location on a map within Xola. This can be edited at any time. 
    • Checklist: Tell your customers what they can expect to be provided to them on-site, as well as what they should bring along with them. You can edit this list within Describe Your Listing.
    • Your Business's Contact Information: You can change your contact information on the Settings Tab, in the Basic Info section.
    • Other Considerations: This space gives you an opportunity to include any information that you would like to provide the customer that is not covered in the other fields. It can be edited within Describe Your Listing.
    • Cancellation Policy: your cancellation policy can be edited within Describe Your Listing.
    • Terms & Conditions: You can set your terms & conditions either globally or to match a specific listing. Learn more here: Terms & Conditions
  2. When is it Sent?
    A confirmation email will be sent whenever a customer is confirmed for a tour. Here's all of the situations where that can occur:
    • A customer books online, and your listing is set to Auto-Accept
    • A customer books online, and you Manually Accept
    • You Make a Booking in the Xola app
    • A trip's Outing Minimum is met. When a trip's outing minimum is met, a confirmation email will then be sent to all customers who have booked the trip so far, and will be immediately sent to anyone who books the trip moving forward. 
Tip: Make changes to a booking and need to resend the confirmation email? Navigate to the customer's individual booking page, and you'll find a resend email button!

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