In Detail: Trip Capacity

Whether you're creating a new listing, or editing an existing one, there are a few key areas you'll need to know about when determining your trip's capacity. Here's an in-depth walk-though on capacity settings in Xola.


Per Booking

Here you will set the minimum and maximum number of people that can book for this listing.

Minimum: Enter the minimum number that can be booked at one time.

  • One person is allowed to book at a time. This number will be 1.
  • This listing is for tandem bicycles, so two people must book at a time. This number will be 2.

Maximum: Enter the maximum capacity for one outing.

  • You have two boats that each can hold 10 passengers, this number will be 20. 
  • You have 100 one-person kayaks. This number will be 100.
  • You have 100 two-person kayaks. This number will be 200.

Per Outing

Minimum: Enter the minimum number of guests that must book in order for your trip to go out.
Example: It is not worth the price of gas to take your boat out if fewer than 5 people reserve. In this case, you would enter 5 into this Per Outing Minimum field. 

  • In the Notify field, set a time by which the trip must receive enough bookings to reach your minimum. 
  • As bookings come in for a trip that has not yet met the minimum, they will be held as pending bookings. As such, your customers will not be charged until their booking is accepted. 
  • Once enough people have booked to meet the Per Outing Minimum, all pending bookings for this timeslot will be automatically accepted (unless you have turned of auto accept in your Settings). 
  • If the trip does not meet thePer Outing Minimum before the deadline that you have set, the pending bookings will not be accepted, and these customers will receive an email notification that the trip will not be going out. 
Tip: If your trip does not look like it will reach the minimum number of participants, you have the option to manually accept your pending bookings and go ahead with the trip.

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