Event Minimums and Maximums

Whether you're creating a new listing or editing an existing one, there are a few key areas you'll need to know about when determining your event's capacity. Here's an in-depth walk-though on capacity settings in Xola.

Per Booking

The Per Booking Minimum and Maximum set the rules for the number of people who can book an event.

Minimum: The minimum number of people who can book an event.

  • A walking tour sells tickets for minimum one guest. The Per Booking Minimum will be 1.
  • A bike tour company rents out tandem bikes, so two people must reserve at a time. The Per Booking Minimum will be 2.

Maximum: The maximum number of people who can book an event at a time.

  • A chocolate factory tour accommodates up to 30 guests, but only a maximum of 20 people can book together. The Per Booking Maximum will be 20.

Per Outing

The Per Outing Minimum and Maximum set the rules for the number of people who must book for an event to occur, and how many people maximum you can reserve in one event.

Maximum: The maximum number of people that can be accommodated on one occurrence of a listing.

  • PopSpots can take a maximum of 15 people on any given timeslot of a Bob Dylan walking tour. The Per Outing Maximum is 15. 
  • Al's Boats rents out 100 one-person kayaks.The Per Outing Maximum is 100.
  • Al's Boats rents out 100 two-person kayaks. The Per Outing Maximum is 200.

Minimum: This is the minimum number of people that must book in order for an event to be confirmed.
Example: Al's Boats offers Speedboat Tours during the summer. His boat can fit up to 10 guests at a time, but he will only confirm the event if a minimum of 5 people book. 

  1. Al sets the Per Outing Minimum to 5.
  2. Al sets the Notify field to 5 days. This tells Xola to send Al an email 5 days prior to an event that has not met the Per Outing Minimum informing him of this.

Four guests book a 12pm Speedboat Tour - One more person to book to hit the Per Outing Minimum of 5.

  • Guests 1-4 will not receive a confirmation email  nor see their card's charged until the 5th guest books. 
  • Guests 1-4 will receive a Booking Request Received email instead, and their bookings will remain pending in Xola.
  • If an event does reach the Per Outing Minimum, all pending bookings for this event will be automatically accepted (unless Auto-Accept is turned off in your Settings). Credit cards will be charged and confirmation emails will be sent out to those customers.
  • If an event does not meet the Per Outing Minimum by the designated time, Xola will notify the seller via email. At that point, the seller can reach out to the customer to reschedule or manually accept and go ahead with the event.

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