Listing Basics (Title, Price, Capacity)

When creating a listing in Xola, you'll need to start with the basics: What's it called? How much does it cost? How many people can you accommodate? The information below goes over the first few fields that need to be filled in when creating a new listing.

Set Listing Basics

Listing Title

  1. Navigate to your Listings tab and select Create a Listing.
  2. In the Title field, enter the name of this listing. Your customers will see this name when they click on this listing's Book Now button on your website.

Listing Price

  1. In the Price field, enter in the cost of this listing. This can be on a Per Person or Per Outing basis.
  • Per Person: You charge for each guest individually.
    Want to charge per person, but limit your listing to one booking per time slot? Check out Private Groups with Per-Person Pricing.
  • Per Outing: This listing's price is not affected by the number of guests.
    After you have set your base price, you can further customize with Down Deposits and Group Discounts.
Tip: Does your listing's price vary according to the date or time? You can set your pricing to reflect this when creating your listing's schedule.

Listing Capacity

Here you determine how many guests you can accommodate for this listing, and how many can book at one time. For a more in depth look at this aspect of listings, see In Detail: Trip Capacity.

  1. Enter in Per Booking Minium and Maximum.
  2. If applicable, enter in a Per Outing Minimum. 
  • Per Booking
    • Maximum: Enter the maximum capacity for one outing. Example: If you have two boats that each can hold 10 passengers, this number will be 20. 
    • Minimum: Enter the minimum number that can be booked at one time. (This will usually be 1, unless your listing requires your guests to travel in pairs. Then you would enter 2 in this field).
  • Per Outing
    • Minimum: This is the minimum number of guests that need to book in order for your trip to go out.
    • Example: If at least 5 people do not pay to reserve a spot on your boat, it is not worth the price of gas to take the trip out. You would enter 5 into this field. 
    • In the deadline field, set a time by which the trip must receive enough bookings to reach your minimum.
      Note: If your trip does not reach the minimum number of participants that you have set, you can always manually override and go ahead with your trip.

Listing Duration

  1. In the Duration field, enter in the length of your activity from start to finish. Please note that this is not customer-facing, it's calculated in for Inventory purposes.

Listing Schedules

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