Take a Deposit

Booking someone for a trip that has a high ticket price, or that is scheduled far into the future? Whatever the reason you require a down payment when making a booking, here's how to collect a deposit in Xola.

Tip: Want to require a deposit from customers who book online? Check out Advanced Pricing Options


  1. Begin making a Booking in the Xola App
  2. Select "Collect a Deposit"
  3. Enter Deposit Details
    • Booking Total: By default, this will be the total defined in your Listing pricing. However you have the option to change the booking total in this field.
    • Deposit Amount: Amount to be collected right now.
    • Remaining Balance Due Date: Here you can designate when the rest of the booking total will be due (note: Xola will not automatically collect this balance, the date you specify here will serve as a reminder in your Bookings Pending Action)
  4. Review Details and Complete Booking
When it comes time to collect the remaining balance, you can do so by locating the specific booking on the bookings tab, and selecting collect balance

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