Current Email versus Communication Email

In Xola, you always have a "Current email" on file.  To see what your Current email is, go to your Settings and click on 'Account' in the left-hand column.

The Current email is what you use to log into Xola. If you only have a Current email (and not a Communication email too), it will be the reply-to for all the emails that are sent out to your customers, as well as the email address where you will receive emails from Xola.

If you prefer, you can set up a Communication email in addition to the Current to catch all the emails from your customers and from Xola.  If you set up a Communication email, you'll just use your Current email to log into your Xola account. Setting a Communication email is optional. 



Note that you cannot set up a Communication email with an email address that is already registered in Xola.

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