Issuing Store Credit

Raincheck! If you don't want to cancel and refund a customer, you can cancel and issue a store credit to a customer instead. They'll receive an email containing a store credit code that they can take back to your website and use to check out for an experience at any time.

Issue a Store Credit

  1. Navigate into the customer purchase.
  2. To cancel the booking and issue store credit, hit Cancel and then Confirm
  3. The Amount field in the Return Payment pop up window will default to the full amount of the trip. Make any adjustments as necessary to the amount to be credited.
  4. Select the store credit icon as the Method.


  1. Click Refund.
  2. The customer purchase will now show the store credit icon in the Purchases tab scrollbar.
  3. The customer will receive an email containing their store credit code, information on how to redeem the store credit on your online checkout, and a link to your website.


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