Book customers today and let them on their own pay later through an email invoice! Create and send your customer invoice from Xola on your computer or on your mobile device.

Create an E-Invoice 
The Customer Experience  

Create an E-Invoice

  1. Make a back office purchase as normal through the Book button in the Dashboard or Purchases tab.
  2. In the Review Booking section under 'Payment', select the Invoice option.
  3. Enter in the number of days prior to this experience that the invoice must be paid.
  4. Enter in an optional message to the customer.
  5. Click 'Send Invoice'.
  6. Until the customer pays the invoice, they'll remain in the Pending Action Queue and a balance will remain open on their purchase. The customer will have an envelope icon next to their name in the scroll bar.
  7. Once the customer pays their invoice in full, you'll see a green check mark next to their name.

Tips: Need to resend the invoice? Inside the customer purchase just hit "Resend Invoice" to send an updated copy of the invoice that includes any changes to the pricing, payment, or booking.




The Customer Experience

  1. After you send the invoice, the customer will receive an email containing the invoice, the Pay Invoice button, and details regarding the experience.
  2. The customer will click the green 'Pay Invoice' button To pay by credit card through a secure checkout window that will open up in a new tab.




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