Product Releases 1/11/2017

Remove Taxes and Fees from a Booking

Manage tax exempt bookings in a few clicks

Non-profit, government, and other tax-exempt entities will now be a breeze to book in the back-office. With a few simple clicks remove any taxes and fees from your reservations.


Include Unlimited Add-Ons

Include more than six add-ons

Gone are the days when you could only add six add-ons to your listing. Now you have the power to include as many add-ons as you need.


Assign Guides to Empty Trips

Guide management just got a whole lot easier

You now have the freedom to plan ahead and assign guides to empty trips, instead of waiting for the trip’s first booking. We hope you enjoy all the time saved managing your guides!


Option to Remove ‘Additional Experiences’ on Gift Email

Update your gift certificate email in one click

The ability to remove ‘Additional Experiences’ in your gift certificate emails.

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